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  • Global standards will help SMEs emerge stronger post pandemic With government’s focus and support to SMEs for production of more local products to reduce dependence on imported products, COVID-19 has emerged as an opportunity for SMEs to stand back on their feet and support the economy of India to be self reliant. This has been accentuated with the stronger consumer demand for local products across categories to meet their daily needs. Supply Chain Log 28 June 2020
  • India’s medical needs: Global collaboration matters now more than ever While the self-reliant model seems promising, it is important to note the role of the global industry, which, so far, has catered to 70% of India’s medical equipment needs. Financial Express 24 June 2020
  • GS1 standards – Key for SMEs in building a robust post COVID plan The unprecedented changes in the wake of Covid-19 are compelling MSMEs and SMEs to rethink their business models and customer requirements. The SME Times 19 June 2020
  • Combating COVID-19 with global standards S Swaminathan, COO, GS1 India outlines why adoption of global standards within supply chains of drugs and PPE is critical to ensure their availability to the right patient, at the right place and right time. Express Pharma 06 June 2020
  • GS1 India appoints S Swaminathan as Chief Operating Officer How data technology can help small businesses ride the e-commerce wave. Indian Retailer 05 June 2020
  • How data technology can help small businesses ride the e-commerce wave The Indian retail industry is also realizing and acknowledging this increased usage of online platforms with options such as contactless delivery, etc., Indian Retailer 05 June 2020
  • COVID times: Relevance of standards in changing retail scenario During the times of COVID crisis, there is a need for everyone to maintain social distances and avoid crowded places. Lockdown in the country has accentuated this. This has made consumers shift to e-commerce companies for fulfilling their daily needs, whether it is for groceries or other essential items. Supply Chain Log 23 May 2020
  • GS1 India empowers consumers, urges them to scan before purchase via Smart Consumer app Smart Consumer mobile app report states 2.5 times increase in the total number of scans in March. The highest number of monthly scans belong to food category. FICCI Cascade 5 May 2020
  • Launching the celerity supply chain logistics magazine online Celerity magazine promotes supply chain best practices Celerity Supply Chain Tribe 04 May 2020
  • Covid-19 is an opportunity that Indian SMEs must grab: GS1 India CEO Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic is a grave humanitarian crisis that the world has ever faced and it has disrupted the economic activities around the globe beyond any comparison. The Indian logistics sector is one of the most affected and the nationwide lockdown has crippled the supply chain like never before. ITLN 25 April 2020
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