Core components of GDSN
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Core components of GDSN

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GDSN is built around the GS1 Global Registry, GDSN-certified data pools, the GS1 Data Quality Framework and the GS1 Global Product Classification.

Global Registry is a global directory for the registration of items and parties. It federates the GCI (Global Commerce Initiative)/GDAS (Global Data Alignment Service) compliant data pools and acts as a pointer to data pools where master data has been originally stored.

GDSN-certified data pools act as repositories of data where trading partners can obtain, maintain and exchange information on items and parties in a standard format through electronic means. Trading partners use data pools in order to align/ synchronise their internal master databases.

Data Quality Framework (DQF) describes how an organisation can implement a data quality management system to achieve good quality data. While implementing a Global Data Synchronisation programme, it is advisable to consider the requirements of the Data Quality Framework.

GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) is a system that provides buyers and sellers across the world a common language for categorizing their products. The foundation of GPC is called a “brick”. Each GPC brick defines categories of similar products. GDSN uses GPC to ensure correct and uniform product classification. This improves GDSN’s data accuracy and integrity, helps break down language barriers and as a result speeds up the supply chain’s ability to react to consumer needs.