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GS1 EANCOM is a GS1 EDI standard, fully based on the UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport), which comprises a set of internationally agreed standards, directories and guidelines for the electronic interchange of data.

EANCOM provides a standard structure for electronic business messages incorporating relevant GS1 Identification keys allowing effective integration of flow of goods with flow of information. It covers those business processes that are involved in a complete trade transaction such as:

  • price catalogue, purchase order, invoice;
  • transport services to move the goods;
  • settlement of the trade transactions through banking systems.

The trading partners involved and the flow of messages between them can be represented as follows:

The business messages available in EANCOM can be divided into the following categories:

  • Master Data messages : used for sending supplier / customer names, addresses etc and product / service description.
  • Business Transactions messages : used for sending supplier quotations, order information, information pertaining to dispatch, receipt and payment of products.
  • Report and planning messages : used for sending updates and forecasts of sales, delivery and inventory.
  • Syntax and Service Report message : sent by the receiver of an EDIFACT message to acknowledge or refuse an interchange, functional group or message
  • Security messages : used for securing authentication and acknowledgement such as verification of digital signatures. 
  • General message : used for sending any data for which there is no specific format

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