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GS1 eCom

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GS1 eCom denotes the GS1 standards used for electronic business messaging or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It involves the transfer of structured data, based on agreed standards, from one computer to another, by electronic means and with minimal human intervention. This, in turn,  provides a faster, cheaper and more accurate solution for exchanging commercial data than its manual / traditional counterpart which is slower, cost intensive and prone to error.

GS1 eCom standards are based on UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport), which is a set of internationally agreed upon standards, directories and guidelines for electronic interchange of data. GS1 eCom provides two complementary standards:

Benefits of GS1 eCom

  • GS1 eCom standards provide a standard and predictable structure for business messages, enabling trading partners to communicate business data rapidly, efficiently and accurately, irrespective of their internal hardware or software.
  • Users are not required to align the format and structure of the messages as they can use the readily-available standard format.
  • GS1 eCom standards are based on globally recognised GS1 Identification Keys (GTIN, GLN, SSCC etc.), allowing a direct link between physical flow of goods and related information throughout the entire Supply Chain.

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