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Upstream Integration

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Today’s economy is consumer driven. There are more products available for consumers to choose from leading to stiff competition between brands and need for greater speed to market.This puts pressure on upstream partners ,necessitates greater visibility of product and information flow and creates a more responsive supply chain. GS1 Upstream Integration (GUSI) is the GS1 Solution that addresses the challenges companies face in their attempt for integration as shown below.

Benefits of GUSI

1. Faster integration: up to 75% reduction in the time taken to connect to new partners
2. Reduced IT costs for:

  • Set-up: reduced development and training costs (both IT and business staff )
  • Maintenance: due to phasing out of multiple non-standard interfaces

3. Larger scope: increased ROI by being able to implement across a larger scope of factories and suppliers. GUSI is for large and small companies.

Consumer pressures and the importance of quicker speed to market are more important for Consumer Goods companies. Bearing this in mind, the GUSI working group supported by GS1 has successfully designed a business model known as the Upstream Integration Model (UIM), and decided to adopt the GS1 XML message standards to exchange information between the trading partners in support of these supply chain processes. The UIM creates a common approach and language for the business processes and data interchanges between manufacturers and their suppliers. Currently, the GUSI is working to address the following issues for Consumer Goods companies:

  • Tailoring the GS1 standards for item identification and electronic communication
  • Supporting the development of implementation guides
  • Providing assistance for implementations

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