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GS1 India provides regular online training sessions to help companies get started with the implementation of GS1 Standards. Conducted by GS1 experts, these live online webinars are free of cost and are beneficial for companies of all sizes.

We currently offer the following course:

Getting Started with GS1 Barcodes: This session is designed for any company in any industry and provides information on how to get started with implementing barcodes on products using GS1 standards. The topics covered during this session include basic steps for implementation, how to assign and manage GS1 product codes (GTINs) allocated to your company and, how to print GS1 barcodes correctly on different packaging levels such as consumer items, cartons and containers.


The schedule for upcoming weekly sessions in this series are:

Date Time
Monday 10am to 11:30am
Tuesday 11:30am to 1pm
Wednesday 2pm to 3:30pm
Thursday 3:30pm to 5pm
Friday 4:30pm to 6pm