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GS1 India offers world-class training and education programs to help organisations grasp the role of GS1 standards when used in conjunction with automatic identification and data capture technologies in the supply chain. It offers the following types of training programs:

GS1 Learning Zone (web-based learning)
A set of carefully designed, interactive, comprehensive and completely self-explanatory online learning modules on various aspects of GS1 standards.

Webinars (web based live training)
These live online webinars are conducted by GS1 experts and benefit companies of all sizes. Participants have the flexibility to attend these courses from the convenience of their home or office location.

General Workshops (classroom style training)
These two-hour sessions give companies the opportunity to interact face-to-face and learn directly from GS1 India expert instructors in a classroom setting. Conducted in GS1 India office locations in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai these sessions are designed to give companies an overview of GS1 standards and help with their implementation.

Technical Workshops (Full day training sessions)
These are one-day long training sessions, which are designed to be comprehensive, in-depth knowledge sharing sessions to help companies gain hands-on training, guidance and technical know-how to help with their current implementation efforts.