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eProcurement refers to the use of electronic means to manage procurement processes with minimal use of paper. eProcurement solutions have been implemented in corporate Supply Chains with a good measure of success.

Government agencies in many countries are now reconsidering their procurement processes in light of these new solutions to see if the efficiencies and improvements in productivity and accountability that have been achieved in the corporate Supply Chain can also be achieved here. Some Governments, however, have already implemented a variety of eProcurement tools as part of their day-to-day operations with positive results. Although government procurement operations and requirements can vary greatly among agencies across the world, two core universal requirements have emerged: the best eProcurement solutions for governments are consistent and compatible with what is used in commercial Supply Chains and based on global standards.

GS1 procurement solutions are based on globally accepted standards and are perfectly consistent and compatible with what is used in commercial Supply Chains today. Moreover, they are based on and fully compliant with UN/EDIFACT and UN/CEFACT, the global standards demanded by Government agencies worldwide. GS1 is an active member of UN/CEFACT for nearly three decades now and have contributed actively to the development of their EDI and XML standards. GS1 brings its more than 30 years of experience in procurement standards and Supply Chain strategies to support government agencies and their suppliers as they pursue eProcurement strategies and seek to improve the efficiency and productivity of their Supply Chain operations.

Benefits of GS1 eProcurement

The benefits of GS1 eProcurement Solutions over paper-based methods are significant and indeed often dramatic, but the evaluation of any eProcurement system must consider its ability to provide a framework that supports an agency's ability to trade electronically both now and in the future and to support its suppliers' efforts to do the same. Rushing to implement solutions that are not based on global standards is a threat to the medium- and long-term viability of the financial and technical investments required of agencies and their suppliers to implement them. Only eProcurement solutions based on the UN/EDIFACT, UN/XML and UN/eDocs international standards, like GS1's Solutions, will truly provide the long-term ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs in a Government agency.

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