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Register for GS1 Company Prefix (GCP) Number for barcoding

If you need a GS1 number for barcoding, the first step is to obtain your unique GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 India. This globally unique number is reserved for use by just one company. To get a GS1 Company Prefix in India, download form or apply online

*'Terms for use of GS1 Company prefix number' 

Register for Global Location Number (GLN)


If you need a GLN, download form or apply online


Register as a barcode solution provider


If you would like to get registered with GS1 India as a solution provider, download form or apply online


Register for GS1 LEARN


If you would like to get registered for GS1 LEARN Certificate packs, download form or apply online


Register for attending GS1 India workshops


Select the GS1 India workshop as per your requirement from the Workshop schedule and the download form or apply online to attend it